Visit school Buztintxuri

Transform the public school

13 January 2020

School Buztintxuri

Pamplona/Iruña (Navarra)

Alfredo Hoyuelos

Alfredo Hoyuelos
Aitor Etxarte
Clara Eslava
Mr. Lupo




The visit to the Buztintxuri nursery school has been possible thanks to the kindness of Alfredo Hoyuelos, a true precursor and a key figure to interpret a holistic project of this nature. Under his direction the network of nursery schools has launched a pilot project where food is a fundamental axis.

Under the name “From here. Emengoak” The project was born with the idea of ​​offering, in the feeding of all the municipal nursery schools of Pamplona, sustainable, ecological, fresh, seasonal, proximity, and directly purchased quality products from producers through a public procurement process, which also consolidates and structures the economic conditions of Navarre production.

Following the Reggiana maxim of which Hoyuelos is heir, the kitchen in a central position of the school is visible through its transparency by all members of the community. The hall-square with different games of reggiana vocation welcomes us and distributes to the groups of classroom packages each one with play space, dining room, bedroom-nap and changing table integrated in different areas. All with direct view and exit to the outside patio.