PILPAYU – the Pioneers

Pilpayu Pioneers refers to our professional references, committed people who through their professional efforts have made the profession and therefore the society they had to serve evolve. They are references that guide and encourage us, from which we learn and value. Keeping her memory is also part of the project.

The figure of Ildefonso Sánchez del Río so closely linked to Pola de Siero, Oviedo, Mieres, through his projects, inventions, general plans, deposits, writings… or that of José Gómez del Collado, very present in Cangas del Narcea y Navia thanks to his urban development interventions and particular vision of architecture and design as well as graphic arts. They will be some of those outstanding figures that will serve as the basis for educational programs based on our pioneers. Álvarez Castelao, Vaquero Palacios, Manuel del Busto and so many others will be the protagonists of different sessions.


Torre de Vista Alegre
Universidad del Pais Vasco. Donostia