Super Lupo Foam

Super Lupo Foam is a construction toy specially designed for large scale. The material of which it is composed is polyethylene of low density, of high purity, with expansion by injection of nitrogen under pressure. They do not contain chemical residues of foaming and are free of volatile organic compounds. Material characterized by its lightness and its innocuous character that make it a suitable material for the construction of large complex structures oriented to the group didactics.

SUPERLUPO Castle at Home

During this time that we are spending so many hours locked up at home, we have realized the need that each member of our families needs their own space of privacy. For this reason, many of our little ones have dedicated themselves to building their own shelter within the shelter where the whole family is. Because of this we have created this sheet for the construction of our own castle inside the house, and as the only necessary material we will need a pack of Super Lupo Foam.

We propose you this solution, then each one can adapt it to your tastes and needs, there is no single solution. ! Confined during confinement!

Descargar las instrucciones en pdf aquí


Instrucciones for use of SUPERLUPO

Descargar las instrucciones en pdf aquí