Lupo Adobe

Lupo Adobe is a variant of Sistema Lupo made of adobe.

Its pieces are the Lupo geometry in its purest form, without anchors and joints, the setting up is with gravity or lace.

Lupo Adobe fixed a module in a bucket of 5x5x5 cm being equivalent in size to the Lupo DIY version and reaching an intermediate step between Super Lupo and Eco Lupo.

The purpose of this version like other variants of the system as DIY Lupo is twofold;
– It aims to introduce participants of the workshops in the manufacturing process of parts, and also where it´s possible to organize inter-generational workshops where children learn from the older.
– It also seeks to adapt the system to a common, inexpensive and easily workable thereby removing the limitation of parts available for play.

Through Lupo Adobe children begin an approach to Lupo. Its applications can range vision in 2D and 3D, visual memory or mathematical games.
The process of creating the Lupo adobe starts in choosing and working the mud. We have developed this experience with several lines of work; starting raw material, from recycled adobe (using the mixing and grinding straw) or by using mixtures predosed through collaboration with companies such as the case of Ecoclay.

From 3 to 99 years, its use is not only for children, and their applications are also widespread in adults.

Downloadable content
Plans to make linear pieces.
Plans to make curved pieces.