Chillida Lupo

Project in collaboration with the documentation department of museum Chillida Leku

It´s a version of Eco Lupo performed in an original way to interpret the work of Eduardo Chillida. The approach to the work affects especially the geometric and structural components. Large sculptural volumes surprise with their shapes but also for its hard mass balances. The full-empty sets and pronounced overhangs explore the limits of the material. The sculptures proposals pose challenges that help interpret the work of Chillida, from the most complex geometrically as “Peines” to more affordable as the “Elogio del Aire” or “De música IV”. The structural field highlights in works like “Elogio del Horizonte” or “Toki Egin”. The case intended for adult audience consists of 46 pieces and is entirely made of wood.

The kit also includes a notebook conducted in collaboration with the documentation department of Chillida-Leku with explanations of the various sculptures and installation instructions with a code of difficulty.

Ecological material

Lupo relies on natural and resistant materials, both by the nature of its composition and rounded shapes. The pieces are solid wood and lack of edges creates a manageable, safe and durable puzzle.
For easy handling we advise to use mechanical tools to remove the pins without damage.

Social commitment

The cartoning of Chillida Lupo is made in collaboration with associations to support the integration of people with disabilities and promoting their social integration.


Lupo is a teaching tool. The activities pose contents of balance and so enhance the capacity of vision in two and three dimensions, providing intellectual challenges to the user to stimulate coordination skills, memory and creativity.