The Lupo team continuously generates training materials for the workshops and proposed courses. This material is systematized in two basic elements: the Lupo tools and the Lupo challenges.

In Lupo system we create our own teaching tools, some of which evolves as a product to sell, because we believe teaching is implicit in the toy´s creative process.

Lupo tools

For the development of the activities we rely on the drawing, visits or group discussions but mostly we take action through our own tools. Some are experimental and they have a specific application in workshops or private lessons, other evolve in form of products whose sale helps maintain a sustainable and independent project Lupo.

In this section you will see some examples of our products. If you are interested in any of them do not hesitate to visit the Lupo store.

Las fichas Lupo

The tabs or challenges are the final part of the workshop. They complement the theory about the issue and they have an open and flexible nature so that educational goals can vary even using the same tab for the class or workshop.

For example the pyramid can be part of a history class about Mesoamerican civilizations or Egypt and it may be part of a workshop on visual memory or geometrics challenges. Obviously it can also be understood as a purely recreational activity without teaching load.

Some of the challenges used can be downloaded in the download section of the website.