24-25 Febrero de 2018

The February 2018 session of the Mies é máis cycle at CGAC was dedicated to the German designer Alma Siedhoff-Buscher. She was one of the Bauhaus’s most outstanding students and excelled in the design of furniture and games for children.

Comparing it with the furniture and the toys of the time, we saw how Bauhaus principles applied to their designs were innovative both for their clean geometries and for the use of color, all this together with a deep relationship with the manufacturing processes.

Next we focus on their Bauspiel building blocks. Being a great novelty in the field of symbolic play, the first task was to build with Super Lupo one of his most famous designs, the boat.

The next activity consisted of working in pairs to design our own set of building blocks joining 2 or more pieces of Lupo Plot. Once achieved, the goal was to design a cover page for the game with its title, name of each piece, logo, etc. Finally, all we had to do was test our product and for them we had to build different everyday objects such as a car, a tree, a house or a dog.

Thanks to this dynamic we realized that the task of designing is not as simple as it seems and we have to take into account many aspects that in the beginning go unnoticed. So without a doubt, we can describe Alma Buscher’s work as brilliant and what is even more surprising: current.

Selection of the material used