28-29 Abril de 2018

Continuing with the cycle MIES é + we dedicate the April 2018 session to the designer Eileen Gray, one of the many women who deserve a place of honour in the design history of the 20th century.

Eileen, Irish by birth, soon moved to London and later to Paris to train as an artist where she began to show great interest in the world of lacquer. There she opened his first art gallery where she showed her designs in which there was an abundance of oriental style lacquered furniture.

During the session we commented on some of her designs of lattices, armchairs, rugs, mirrors and even drawings. Finally, as it was an architecture workshop, we could not overlook house E1027. She designed it for herself and then it was reformed by Le Corbusier himself in an intervention not without controversy.

The participants were able to practice their skill in the design of lattices and furniture as well as recreate the house E1027 with Superlupo.

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Selection of the material used