Faculty of Psychology (University of Santiago de Compostela)

Course 2018-2019
Course 2019-2020

Saturday 10:00 h a 14:00 h

ASAC Galicia

Carmen Pomar Tojo

Miriam Fernández Barreiros (psicóloga)

Sistema Lupo

Fermín G. Blanco (arquitecto)
Leticia Zapata Medina (arquitecta)
Noelia Villaverde Rozas (psicóloga)



What is Lupo ASAC?

Lupo ASAC is a didactic proposal aimed at girls and boys who have high capacities, carried out in collaboration with the professionals of ASAC Galicia in the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Santiago. The course consists of 10 sessions where you work from architecture with special emphasis on games of spatial vision, logical-mathematical proportions and collaborative challenges that encourage teamwork. Architecture being the guiding thread of the course, we work across history, geography, heritage, design, creativity, art and expression in different media.

The Association of High Capacities of Galicia organizes through the Ronsel Campus, a series of activities that defend the idea of ​​cooperation and teamwork through modules of an artistic, scientific or technological nature, among others, as a fundamental basis for the integral development of boys and girls. Within the program, in addition to the workshops, children receive psychological follow-up by specialists in high capacities, as well as, families receive counseling and training courses.