The End of the Course with Sáenz de Oíza

Fundación Luis Seoane

Lupo System

Fermín González Blanco

Teaching Team
David Rodríguez Antuña
Víctor G. Echave
Leticia Zapata Varela
Heildegard González Cebrián
Jose María Castrillo Neira
Alba Pérez Fernández
Luis Miguel Fernández López

Estudio Fermin Blanco


On the occasion of the end of Nenoarquitectura course, Sistema Lupo, with the collaboration of the Luis Seoane Foundation, proposes a didactic-tribute to the Master Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oíza.

This teaching is developed by Lupo System, as an activity of action and play through the use of large building blocks. A mixture of didactic and playful contents that allowed our already experienced participants to get to know this genius of Spanish architecture, but this time they had the help of family members, since like every end of the year, we organize a family day.

Our day ended with the raising of a set of the well-known “White Towers”, a symbolic work of Oíza, thus forming a large urbanization of towers over two meters high. Well, and of course, a great snack according to the great meeting that was formed.

Thanks to all the participants! See you next year!