The spirit of the tree

Fuentesauco, Zamora
July 2019

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Fermín González Blanco
Jose María Castrillo Neira
Alba Pérez Fernández
Luis Miguel Fernández López

Alba Pérez Fernández

Amag! web publication



From Amag magazine! of architecture for children, we were asked to make a collaboration. A didactic in the form of video that proposed games based on architecture and that was related to the house.

This is where our didactic “The spirit of the tree” was born. The didactic we offer is a mixture of experiences within varied fields: the domestic-family because of our condition as parents; the professional because of our status as architects; regulated education; and our favorite field, through our educational experience in museums. We recommend a fragmented use of what is shown here, being able to apply a part, two, and if time and circumstances are conducive, the entire teaching in all its scales and times …

Build in the trees, a childhood dream and also a project full of educational potential that we have loved to experience at different scales. Cheer up !!