Greenhouse Effect

Sistema Lupo

Sistema Lupo Team


We dedicate this session to the greenhouse effect, a physical phenomenon that is constantly present in our lives.

This phenomenon not only affects us in relation to one of the most current issues that is climate change, but it does so in more aspects, therefore, we will talk about the orientation of housing and its benefits in our daily life and in the architecture that surrounds us, the inertia of the materials and their different uses with respect to that, which elements have been invented from the observation of the operation of the greenhouse effect …

And once we understand how this phenomenon works, we will delve into the proposed challenge. On this occasion, 4 experiments are planned, from less to greater complexity, in which we will observe the behavior of the different materials depending on their composition, their situation and even their color … And as a final challenge we will invite you to experiment by creating your own greenhouse, a challenge that will accompany you for a long time, since after building its structure, we will have to plant our own harvest and with patience and care we will see its evolution and growth.