Brincando cos Mestres

Fermín González Blanco

Marco Ginoulhiac

Equipo didáctico
David Fernández Antuña
María Bescansa
Borja Díaz
Luis Miguel Fernández
Berta Pérez
José Rebollo
Carolina Queipo

Colaboradores de Arkiplay
Maria Teresa Penas
Márcia Santos
Sílvia Pereira
Catarina Casanova
Catarina Frois

Alex del Río (ADR)
Inés Salvado Gontad (ISG)
Estudio Fermin Blanco (EFB)

Diseño gráfico
Borja Díaz Carro

On the occasion of the 4th PLAYGROUNDS – Ludic Architecture Meeting at the Faculty of Architecture of Porto in May 2017, Sistema Lupo, with the sponsorship of Proxecto Terra and the collaboration of ArkiPlay, proposes a didactic to make known to the smallest, through playing and building with blocks, the architecture of some authors representing the so-called Porto School.

This teaching is developed by the Lupo System team, and is an activity of action and play through the use of large building blocks.

A mixture of didactic and playful contents allow the participants to approach the world of the structures from an empirical and experimental point of view.

The “School of Porto” is an international reference for architecture, consolidated through the work of several generations of architects and closely linked to the territory in which it is born, it is today world-renowned and respected.

Throughout the game we will reflect on its importance and to bring their values to children while they enjoyed their spaces.

Facing challenges of construction with blocks we will know the main characteristics of the architecture of Porto, its most important figures and some of his most outstanding works.

Fernando Távora, Álvaro Siza Vieira and Eduardo Souto de Moura are those who have most notably represented this form of architecture. Through three consecutive generations and based on their works we can begin to know this “School of Porto”.