C.E.I.P San Mamede


CEIP San Mamede

San Xián de Sales, Vedra Council, A Coruña

Vedra Council

Fermín Blanco

Luis Miguel Fernández López
Alba Pérez Fernández
Jose María Castrillo Neira



This center was part of a family of school prototypes distributed by the concello of Vedra and all over Galicia to teach primary studies. Some centers, such as San Xian de Sales, still maintain their use, while others such as this one in San Mamede have lost their initial use as a school and currently survive as social meeting places. Originally
Like that of San Xián de Sales, it had two classrooms on the ground floor with toilets separated by sexes and a staircase and on the top floor the homes of the teachers were available.

The project proposes the refurbishment of this space as a shared Obrador for the elaboration of agricultural products and the treatment of agricultural waste. There are two rooms on the first floor with adapted toilet as a space for the use and marketing of surplus production and agricultural waste from the agri-food industry. This type of center aims to solve a need for a very light first product transformation (cleaning and vacuum product packaging) that can not be solved in any other way than the construction of a warehouse on industrial land and the corresponding and long process of processing. It is therefore a kind of nursery of small companies, a starting point where the user is provided with a series of means for the use and valuation of products and surpluses that would otherwise irremediably become waste.