Sinsal Verano/Sinsal Otoño

Workshops and family actions during the Sinsal music festival

Illa de San Simón, Redondela.
28 & 29.7.2018

Sinsal Audio

Fermín G Blanco/ Mr Lupo

Carolina Queipo
Víctor González
María Bescansa
Jaime García Vega

Ambassador on the island
Diego Piñeiro Carrera

Belen Vallina González

Sistema Lupo

Marexada S.L


Memory & Photographs
A musical island, that’s what San Simón becomes one weekend a year. And there we were, at the bottom of the Vigo estuary, in the Galician summer (the gentle one), surrounded by ancient trees and with provisions of food and drink “dabondo” (more than enough). Nobody knew who would play those days, but what was clear was that there was going to be an awesome atmosphere, that we would have a great time and we would like to repeat it. And despite of not being in a very big island, still full of spectators it becomes wide and relaxed, the place and the environment are taken care of, all the participants are taken into account and, on top of that, it is reached by boat. What else?
Among the attendees, a lot of intrepid families, or what is the same, many people (all ages) eager to play big. And for that we were there. Sistema Lupo with Art y Garabato colleagues hand by hand colonizing the space, by land, sea and air! Throughout Saturday and Sunday, with children and adults, we designed, assembled, disassembled, adjusted and built without stopping everything that we thought could be needed and there were not: small shelters-cabins for little brothers and sisters, towers, forts and geodesic domes under which we could even camp. The star project was the specific scenario for the family audience, a Palitroques’ macro-structure hanging in the middle of a grove of fruit trees, under which Esteban & Manuel acted for us while the sun began to fall. Amazing, the best prize for an afternoon of work.
The island was too small for us, and we wanted to conquer the sea, so we set up some structures in a canoe and one after another we went sailing, nobody comes close to our conquered island without seeing our floating architectures!
While this happened in the south of San Simón, in the north, in the island of San Antonio, another group of Robinsons wanted to know sustainable construction techniques, even if it was at the cost of staining and soaking (playing with water and mud in summer, what a pity …) We learned the technique of “pallabarro” that, with natural and immediate materials (straw and mud), allows to build small constructions made by ourselves. There we were, mixing, draining, formwork and demolding piece by piece, to let them dry in the sun before putting them into use. The result? A new technique learned, a lot of new Lupo pieces, smiling and dirty faces and zero environmental impact.
Everything that surrounds SinSal is mysterious and wonderful, that’s why it is not possible to promise anything, but maybe next year we will see ourselves again in the islands willing to play a lot, learn more and have a better time, if it is possible. We wish yes!