Lupo + Los Carpinteros

Gijón, 2010

Didactic project
Fermín González Blanco

Lucía García

Aida Rodríguez
Elena Álvarez

Didactic activity for the exhibition Pasajes. Viajes por el híper-espacio.

Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

Exhibition curators
Daniela Zyman
Benjamin Weil

In association with
Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Collection

Los Carpinteros in [here]

Description & Pictures
The exhibition, composed mostly of installations and large-scale works, is designed to foster a contemplative journey, reintroducing the viewer in the center of the artistic experience itself, and proposing an immersive journey into a perceptual dimension that activates the physical, sensual and brain.

In that sense, an active didactic approach is proposed using the Lupo System. A teaching material suitable for large-scale works and composed of polystyrene modules. A building material that allows participants to create shapes and scenes in an unusual scale. The proposed workshops forced participation in group, being collaboration one of the fundamental objectives of the system.

One of exhibition highlights is the piece “Frío Estudio del Desastre” from LOS CARPINTEROS. It invites viewers to participate in a frozen moment in time. A fleeting photographic scene that, thanks to the exhibition design, can be lived creating a special space-time relationship.

The didactic workshop will seek to recreate this feeling and try to explain two key concepts in the work:
– The vulnerability of architectural structures by studying the wall.
– The relationship space-time in the art installation.


[ download dossier in pdf -spanish- ]