Lo profundo es el aire

Accesit XIV Premio COAG. 2011

Luis Miguel Fernández López
Borja Díaz Carro

Carolina Queipo

Legal advice
Alvarez Real

Aislasan –superlupo
Mucarce –ecolupo

Estudio Fermín Blanco
Archivo Eduardo Chillida
Archivo Jose M.Elosegui


Eduardo Chillida in artsy.net [here]

Description & Pictures
Workshops on the work of sculptor Eduardo Chillida arise in close collaboration with the didactic and documentation team of the Chillida Leku.

As a result of this relationship, family and children´s workshops take place in the Museum facilities using the Lupo system (specially the Super Lupo material). Also a special edition of Eco Lupo, the Chillida Lupo case, is published focusing on Chillida famous pieces.

The Case
All pieces are collected in a case formed by the pieces themselves. The assembly and disassembly of the case is proposed as a first approach to the decomposition of the cube.

The challenges included in the workshops are based on the sculptural pieces of Chilled. Depending on the degree of difficulty are adapted to children, special education or family´s groups.

We have also developed workshops in other cities taking advantage of the presence of works by Chillida in landmarks such as the case of the sculpture “Lo Profundo Es El Aire” on the outside of the National Sculpture Museum Valladolid.

Other workshops such as those conducted with university students delve into the interesting relationship of form and structure that sustains them.



Lupo + Los Carpinteros

Gijón, 2010

Didactic project
Fermín González Blanco

Lucía García

Aida Rodríguez
Elena Álvarez

Didactic activity for the exhibition Pasajes. Viajes por el híper-espacio.

Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial

Exhibition curators
Daniela Zyman
Benjamin Weil

In association with
Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Collection

Los Carpinteros in artsy.net [here]

Description & Pictures
The exhibition, composed mostly of installations and large-scale works, is designed to foster a contemplative journey, reintroducing the viewer in the center of the artistic experience itself, and proposing an immersive journey into a perceptual dimension that activates the physical, sensual and brain.

In that sense, an active didactic approach is proposed using the Lupo System. A teaching material suitable for large-scale works and composed of polystyrene modules. A building material that allows participants to create shapes and scenes in an unusual scale. The proposed workshops forced participation in group, being collaboration one of the fundamental objectives of the system.

One of exhibition highlights is the piece “Frío Estudio del Desastre” from LOS CARPINTEROS. It invites viewers to participate in a frozen moment in time. A fleeting photographic scene that, thanks to the exhibition design, can be lived creating a special space-time relationship.

The didactic workshop will seek to recreate this feeling and try to explain two key concepts in the work:
– The vulnerability of architectural structures by studying the wall.
– The relationship space-time in the art installation.


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+info enlace de la Fundación Luis Seoane ABIERTO EL PLAZO DE INSCRIPCIONES para el tercer trimestre de los talleres de Nenoarquitectura de la Fundación Luis Seoane. Curso de Arquitectura para niñ*s de 6 a 9 años. (TLF Fundación Luis Seoane 981 216 015  / email.info@luisseoanefund.org ) DIPTICO A5.ai Todos los sábados a partir del día 5 de Abril hasta el 14 de Junio. Se desarrollarán los sábados por la mañana en horario de 11.30 a 14.00 en las instalaciones de la Fundación Luis Seoane de Coruña. c/ San Francisco n 27.  La didáctica será desarrollada por el equipo didáctico de Sistema Lupo. Los talleres incluyen contenidos donde la arquitectura y el urbanismo tendrán un especial protagonismo. DIPTICO A5 TERCER TRIMESTRE.ai