Dozuki, the japanese saw

This is our new “toy”, Dozuki or Japanese saw, that will be useful during next times to cut the tenons – connectors.
In order to understand the tool accuracy , we must understand its philosophy. Bruno Mari in his book “Da cosa nasce cosa” (1981) talked us about the strong relationship between the form of the objects and its use or function, and he supported his explanation by using, among others, Dozuki as an example.

Dozuki is a wooden saw, that as other Japanese traditional tools is different from western tools in relation with the cut direction. While western saws cut by push action, Japanese one cut by pull (the opposite). This fact, also means a change in the carpenter position during cutting, it is not necessary push with the body in the cut direction as western carpenters do. In this case we use gravity in our benefit so we maintain the handle in the button part and the blame up.

This use is safer (overall in case of break) so the blade can be extremely thin
and we obtain accuracy and clean cuts.
Dozukis have had an important role in traditional Japanese joinery and can be used to cut softwood or hardwood.

The finishing of wood before cut can be seen in the images and also the great appearance of our Dozuki. It is a pretty object itself because its came from a coherent philosophy based on its use.