Arts, Architectures and Territories in Education

Training days for PhD students

12 and 13 March 2020

Faculty of Education Sciences. University of Granada.

Seminar of Didactics of Plastic Expression. Aulario.

Doctoral Program in Arts and Education
Doctoral Program in Educational Sciences

Rafaèle Genet
Pedro Chacón

Xabier Molinet Medina
Rafaèle Genet Verney
Jose María Masías Lema
Fermín González Blanco
Inmaculada González Falcón

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If the city is a vital space for the human being because it is the envelope of his home, the extension of his domestic activities, the place of relationship with the other, is for the child an even more important space since it is for him It is not only the place where you do these activities, but also the place where you learn to do them. Currently, children are excluded from urban space, restricting their use to specified spaces designed exclusively for them. It is necessary to find educational alternatives to learn from the city and its architecture and return to occupy a place in the urban space.

This seminar is focused on research on the city, architecture and existing visual research instruments to inquire about it. As well as innovative teaching processes that reflect on the understanding of urban and architectural space and how to appropriate it will be presented.


-To understand the city as a teaching space and a place of aesthetic experience.
-Awareness about the role of our architectural and urban environment in education.
-Reflect on the pedagogical use of educational and domestic spaces.
-Reflect on space teaching processes.