13 September- 10 November

Centro Gaiás Museum
Cidade da Cultura de Galicia

Asociación Ludantia-Arquitectura y educación

Cidade da Cultura de Galicia/Xunta de Galicia
Proxecto Terra (Alberto Fortes) [web]

Anabel Varona & Carlos Arruti (Maushaus) [web]
Teresa Meana (TM Arquitectura) [web]
Fernando Arenas & Sara Moreno (Mimaia) [web]
Víctor González Echave (Palitroques) [web]
Sara San Gregorio (Microarquitectura) [web]
Fermín Blanco (Sistema Lupo) [web]
María Mallo (Forma orgánica) [web]
Irene Fernández (Createctura) [web]
Alicia Gutiérrez (Ephimera Play) [web]

Exhibition Design

Sistema Lupo

Manu Suárez (Cidade da Cultura)
Sistema Lupo

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ARGALLAR is a world to build and deconstruct with infinite and unlimited possibilities, through the game and through the game. This is what young and old find in ARGALLAR!

ARGALLAR with its geometric construction games is a pleasant experience for adults and children. The exhibition is organized around a board and the seven boxes with the game pieces. The game board consists of a drawing on the floor, a volume and a wall. Starting from the point, each box receives a different geometry: point, line, triangle and hexagon, square and cube, pentagon, organic shapes and finally the color, the lights and the shadows.

ARGALLAR is a great compendium of games based on architecture and based on a concept: the spaces of relationship generated through the game. The girls and boys playing are the exhibition itself, the game builds this space, which encourages and incorporates multiple variants, generating autonomy, freedom and places of relationship between its players. For that, different game areas are created, where the actions overlap and cohabit. As if it were a great toy, ARGALLAR tries to stimulate the imagination of visitors, without trying to end the game, but multiple continuations. The character of the architectural spaces destined for the exhibition reinforce the idea of ​​the proposal.