Arbizuko Herri Eskola

Arbizuko Herri Eskola

Arbizu (Navarra)

Ainara Martín

Lierni Galarraga

Josune Irastorza
Saioa Alegría
Aintzane Iriberri
Berta de Pablo Górriz

[visita Arbizuko Herri Eskola]



As part of the preparation of a teaching innovation project for the 20/21 academic year, the cloister defines some needs related to the use of the patio, especially on rainy days. The experience of these years makes necessary a space, furniture, exchanger … where the change of dry / wet clothes can be managed.

Studying different variants, the design of furniture adapted to the under-roofed space that runs parallel to the classrooms and serves as a connection with the patio seems the most favorable solution.

The new protocols, the result of COVID-19, seem to advise the use of this circulation even for access to the center, so that this interchange can be useful from the first minute.

The first working sessions focus on the co-design of these pieces, taking this previous analysis as a starting point. The first sketches are followed by incipient very elementary prototypes to shape the future project.

These first approaches that are made with the manipulative material of the patio, mainly wood, provide suggestive abstract forms that we imagine as mobile devices that can have more uses and even be activators of the game in the patio.

We will work in collaboration with the CIP FP SAKANA LH IIP of Alsasua and with local companies that provide material.