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Sistema Lupo

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What´s nenoarquitectura?

It is an annual educational program for children between the ages of 4 and 12 held at the Luis Seoane Foundation in A Coruña. It has been carried out continuously since 2010 and is and has been an unbeatable source of new ideas that have allowed the Lupo System to evolve.

It originated in 2010, when Sistema Lupo developed a course in collaboration with the Official College of Architects of Galicia (A Coruña delegation) and the Luis Seoane Foundation, which initially took place quarterly and ended up becoming an annual course for children to get closer to architecture (or vice versa, we still don’t have it very clear). Thanks to the commitment of families, it maintains its energy year after year.

During these years the workshop (which takes place every Saturday in two-and-a-half hour sessions) has been evolving and we currently have three simultaneous programs differentiated by the age of the participants and a fourth one dedicated to personal projects of former assistants. In spite of this differentiation, it is common for groups to work together and even with families to facilitate the transfer between different ages.

It is born linked to the figure and thought of the artist Luis Seoane, characterized by a discourse in favor of the integration of the arts. The didactics is therefore permeable to all artistic or creative manifestations and sometimes we take advantage of the museum’s own exhibitions or the visit of invited artists to include them in the programme.


Introductory course for children’s education from 4 to 5 years old.

The didactics will be developed by the Sistema Lupo team and own material based on the building blocks and collaborative work will be used. It will also have the collaboration of invited artists and specialists. The workshop will include a series of contents in which architecture, art or design will have a special role.

Current Classes

– Stumble without fear
– Structures of nature
– By profession an architect
– Building cities
– Historical architecture: Rome
– Eirón Project: 4 stations
– Playing with the 5 points: Le Corbusier
– Colors and proportions
– Family day


Aimed at children from 6 to 10 years old, it is organized into thematic groups that evolve in difficulty throughout the course.

We work with the lupo material in its different scales and materials and we generate a work notebook where we collect the daily work. Teamwork is a fundamental part of the workshop through the lupo challenge with which we close each session. These workshops deal with general topics such as scale, material, proportions, color, composition … not only applicable to architecture, but also to art or design.

Another series of workshops relates art and architecture from different periods and origins, trying to interconnect artistic manifestations with their social, environmental or historical determining factors.

All this to try to generate in the child an optimal climate for the development of her abilities. In an eminently playful and decontextualized environment of the school, we promote transversal teaching where each one contributes their knowledge and experiences to interpret the proposed topics in a critical way.

Current Classes

– The module is me
– Architecture and drawing with Marco Moreira
– The language of architecture
– From the photograph with Tono Mejuto
– The city and public space
– Eirón Project. 4 seasons
– Graphic design with Antón Lezcano
– Structures. The arc
– Family day


Aimed at children from 11 to 14 years old, it arises as a requirement of children who, having completed their time at Nenoarquitectura, want to maintain their presence in the workshops. It is therefore a «commission» of the children themselves who, after a whole year, have mastered the proposed topics and challenges and therefore demand a greater degree of difficulty.

The didactics of this workshop is based on the experience of the Escóitasme? Laboratory. developed from the Luis Seoane Foundation during confinement. It is about making the children participate in the artistic experience through sessions with invited artists who will work throughout the course on a single backbone project, in this case the Eiron Project: art and public space.

Current Classes

– Introduction to the Seoane laboratory
– The mechanics of drawing. Artist: Marco Moreira
– The mechanics of drawing. Challenge. Artist: Marco Moreira
– Focus Festival. Photography. Artist: Tono Mejuto
– About video and photography
– Photography. Challenge. Artist: Tono Mejuto
– Graphic design. Artist: Antón Lezcano
– Design and editing
– End of course session. Artist: Antón Lezcano



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