Eco Lupo 3

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EcoLupo 3 is the new Lupo System material that we incorporate into the Lupo family.

Why 3?

After the EcoLupo 2009 and the EcoLupo 2014, this is the third edition of our game made in wood.

The EcoLupo 3 pieces are based on a 3 cm module.

For the first time we incorporate playing cards that complement the free play. In EcoLupo 3 you can combine 3 elements in each exercise, wood pieces, a challenge card and a difficulty card.


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Información adicional

Dimensións 20 × 20 × 4 cm
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4 thoughts on “Eco Lupo 3

  1. Gracias Mr Lupo. El juguete llegó a tiempo y ya lo tengo preparado para regalo. Contando los días para dárselo al pequeño a Javi. Fun, fun fun!!! Es precioso, gracias!!!

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