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Education and space: a day of reflection

13 December 2019

Colegio Jesuitinas de Pamplona-Iruña

Pamplona (Pamplona/Iruña)

Javier Martínez Baigorri

Aitor Etxarte Berezibar
Miguel Diaz Rodríguez
Ahinitze Errasti Etxeberria
Clara Eslava Cabanellas
Fermín González Blanco



On December 13, a meeting was held on new learning models and school spaces at Jesuitinas School in Pamplona-Iruña in which the management team participated, a group of architects and architects with great educational experience (Miguel Diaz Rodríguez, Ahinitze Errasti Etxeberria, Clara Eslava Cabanellas, Fermín González Blanco) and Aitor Etxarte Berezibar, former president of the Navarra School Council.

The day began with a presentation by the director Javier Martínez Baigorri and Oscar in which they presented the evolution of the reflections made by the educational community in these last courses. Thus, the relevant questions that have articulated the process of change, the training received, the different pedagogical innovations promoted and the challenges of the future were raised.

This educational transformation has wanted to be accompanied with a reflection on the spaces and the most appropriate organization of them that has been progressively materialized in recent years. Therefore, the second part of the day consisted of a visit to the new spaces generated for secondary education that have undergone change. The visit to the new spaces allowed an exchange of information and opinion on the decisions taken and their balance.

Finally, an analysis and discussion session was held on the future changes to be implemented in the center for primary education courses. The people responsible for the school presented the most relevant educational decisions to consider and subsequently proposed possible spatial solutions for them.

The day was intense and valued very positively by those who participated. We hope that the work of educational reflection and change of educational spaces will continue with the rigor and enthusiasm it has shown so far.

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