Visit Arbizuko Herri Eskola

Transform the public school

13 January 2020

Arbizuko Herri Eskola

Arbizu (Navarra)

Ainara Martín

Lierni Galarraga

Aitor Etxarte Berezibar
Clara Eslava Cabanellas
Ainara Martín
Lierni Galarraga
Ula I. Busturia
Mr. Lupo

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[+info/About the process in the Education and Space meetings. Navarra School Council.2018]



Invited by the center and under the always detailed organization of Aitor Etxarte we could see first hand the achievements generated in this Navarre community. Arbizuko is a public school within a group of rural schools in the Sakana region.

The struggle of its director Ainara and a small group of teachers and families have managed to move from a highly deteriorated building to a new center through a bet of the Navarrese government for the architectural update of these schools.

Herri Eskola is part of the first family of Navarre public centers designed through updated contracting documents that include the studies of the Slavic and Tejada study to influence their educational and pedagogical quality.

During the day we have learned a lot from the experience and we have been able to assess the difficulties, successes and mistakes of a complex impulse where concierge, technical units, families, and town hall (Navarre Federation of Municipalities and province) are fundamental feet. The newly opened center in this school year is beginning a journey and working with the new spaces progressively.

The images give an idea of ​​the continuous spaces in a single dimension, wide corridors that allow the game with diverse materials, classrooms integrated into three large blocks according to ages, dining room, transparency, furniture adapted to cooperative work, interior-exterior management, low heating temperature with biomass, gym with direct access to the patio …

It is remarkable the neutral environment, natural light, the presence of wood as texture in interior and exterior and the care with which Clara Eslava has designed the polygonal tables re-interpreting the Finnish leg and introducing the color on the underside, details designed for more smalls.