Learning by playing is the motto that guides our project. Lupo is an educational tool that develops cooperatively the logical and creative thinking with hundreds of challenges and difficulty levels and suitable for all ages (3-99 years).


Why Sistema Lupo?

From our own experience firstly as students and then as teachers we have encountered a number of gaps in educational systems very closely linked to the always difficult relationship between theory and practice. Already from our dissertations we tried to approach this reality and with the beginning of teaching practice and our parenting it was when interest became more pronounced.

Our projects in this field have allowed us to share experiences with professionals from different fields, all promoters of “Learning by doing”. Within this concept we not only include manual skills, but also social. Hence the idea of creating a cooperative toy as an instrument of social cohesion arises.




The Lupo System is an educational tool based on the game whose aim is to provide users and teachers mechanisms and dynamics suitable for playful learning. Based on the architecture and the traditional game of building blocks, lupo extends transversely to mathematics, drawing, physics, art, history, music and design.

The lupo experience allows the participant to deepen certain skills: technical, intellectual, visual (2D or 3D) or mobility, but mainly aims to develop creative and social skills through group dynamics under the characteristics of the proposed challenges.

Lupo is an open project in continuous developmen. It works through its own patents and grows based on partnerships with companies, organizations and educational or cultural centers. Each partnership comes with new applications and that experience progressively enriches the project. Currently Lupo has a dossier of more than 100 challenges adapted to different ages, circumstances and requirements. In recent years, our systems have been applied in numerous educational and artistic centers in the form of specific workshops or through a standalone use by those responsible for teaching in each center.


The team

The team that makes Lupo system is heterogeneous, it has professionals from different fields such as architecture, music, photography, painting, history, robotics, computer science, psychology, literature … extensive teaching experience and is always open to new collaborations.



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