PILPAYU – Traditional architecture

Traditional architecture is the architecture of time and people quoting the architect Miguel Fisac;”… it is the architecture that makes the people and the time.

The popular architecture is the result of the calm decantation of a unitary set of structures, enclosures, spaces and constructive solutions that through many generations of users, have testified to its goodness.

And the anonymous passing of many people, with common idiosyncrasy, common desires and aspirations, is what has brought to light the hidden uniqueness of a social community, apparently gregarious, which nevertheless has a marked personality….

Following these premises, we will analyze the different typologies and arrangements of traditional coastal, valley or mountain dwelling. Of course the traditional hórreo, undoubtedly a singular construction whose values go beyond the strictly architectural, and whose foundation gives name to this project.


Arquitectura a vuelapluma
Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia