Pilpayu Project

Pilpayu Project is an educational initiative of Sistema Lupo carried out in collaboration with different Asturian teams and institutions, to create a network of educational workshops based on architecture as the main theme. The aim is to deepen our knowledge of the immediate surroundings through the study of our history and our built heritage.

Teamwork and play are the methodological basis of the project. Based on the game of blocks, theory and practice come together in sessions that are both didactic and playful.

Pilpayu will have a presence in the different Asturian locations through museums, cultural centres and educational centres, trying to nourish itself with the specific contents of each centre and generating dynamics of knowledge transfer from research teams to society.

Through the building game with blocks and with the collaboration of different museums, cultural centres and expert advisors, we will get to know the architectures and civil engineers of Asturias, from the most remote to the nearest.

As well as in the demand of schools, as in the offers of museums for centers and general public, in sessions or in small cycles, we will see and build great Asturian works, to discover all their secrets and those of those who created them.

Discover below the many topics we have prepared!

It is an integral and inclusive educational project, in which the entire community that belongs to and surrounds the educational centre, works in the study of the spaces that are used daily to detect their needs and, among all, to propose and carry out the necessary transformations.

Participation and cooperation will be fundamental so that both the work in the classroom with the object of mediating and the joint preparation of an analysis and project, give rise to the adaptation of the spaces of the school and even the transformation of public spaces in their environment.

We conquer our space!

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Through an adapted didactic program and with architecture and building blocks as transmission tools, we can foster and reinforce the necessary competences, always doing so through the game.

Understand abstract concepts of mathematics or music, raise topics from a playful point of view, reinforce oral, written or graphic expression, learn to lead and delegate, improve communication, motor skills and contact with more traditional or modern craftsmanship.

Through the training courses for teachers and with a project prepared together with teachers, we will be able to propose an innovative, interesting and fun program for everyone.

Fermín G. Blanco

María Bescansa Bastarreche

María Bescansa Bastarreche
Luis Miguel Fernández López
David Fernández Antuña
Carolina Queipo Gutiérrez
Jose Rebollo Porto

Graphic Design
Borja Díaz Carro

Clara García.
Coordinadora del centro. Turismo y cultura Principado

Verónica Ruiz Gutiérrez.
Coordinadora de actividades. Turismo y cultura Principado

Ayuntamiento Gijón
Paloma García Díaz.
Arqueóloga, Museos arqueológicos de Gijón.

Centro Niemeyer
Editorial Pintar-pintar.
Ángela Sánchez Vallina

Experts / Consultants

Paloma García Díaz
Arqueóloga Municipal de Gijón, Directora Museos Arqueológicos de Gijón.

Xuacu López Álvarez
Director Museu del Pueblu d’Asturies, Gijón.

Lorenzo Arias Páramo
Profesor de Historia del Arte, Depto. de Historia del Arte y Musicología, Universidad de Oviedo.

Jose Ramón Puerto
Vocal de Cultura del Colegio de Arquitectos de Asturias.

Alfonso Fernández Canteli
Catedrático de Mecánica de Medios Continuos y Teoría de Estructuras y profesor Emérito, Depto. de Construcción en Ingeniería de Fabricación, Universidad de Oviedo.