Version of the pieces of the Lupo System that allow the decomposition of the construction from the point to the block in 3D, passing through the line and the plane.

The hollow section of the pieces allows us to imagine new worlds within them.

The combination of flat parts and volumetric parts gives the constructions an endless number of possibilities.

Product with a great durability thanks to its manufacture in wood.


Overall, this is our first experience with fiber.

Flat pieces made with Tablex, completely natural board where the fibers are joined by the lignin of the tree. Allows to duplicate texture with embossing and natural linen, white to paint or slate finish.

The Green Panel of the volumetric pieces allows multiple operations without losing the compactness of the material. Thanks to it, its deconstruction in some blocks has been taken to the limit.

All the pieces are packed in a cube box that allows you to see the nature of wood fiber. It can be understood as an unfinished game, to be finished by the user introducing the color or play in natural depending on its finishes.