Lupo Block

Lupo Block is the essential set of Sistema Lupo, manufactured using traditional methods in untreated chestnut wood.
Its pieces are the Lupo geometry in its purest form, without anchors and joints, its set up is based on gravity or lace.

Building blocks
Its name reminds us of the great Central European tradition of “building blocks” that are a universal symbol of the first approach to teaching in childhood.

Through Lupo Block an approach to Sistema Lupo can be initiated.
The bag includes challenges to do with the 13 pieces, its applications can range vision in 2D and 3D, visual memory or mathematical games.
From 3 to 99 years, its use is not only for children, and their applications are also widespread in adults.

Special Editions
The general stock is chestnut but we can manufacture it in a wide range of European hardwoods such as beech, oak, maple, ash, cherry or walnut even make Lupo xylotheques (mixture of these).

We also do special editions from reused wood as Lupos made of wood from old tables or barrels. If you have an old piece of furniture or old wood without apparent use do not hesitate to contact us to give a new life.

13 pieces (2 of each of the 7 geometries, except for a unit U).
Cotton bag for storage.