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Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea

Fermín Blanco

Virginia Villar

Taught by
David Antuña
Victor González
Rebeca Mariño
Santiago Chenlo
Natalia Santamaría



In collaboration with the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo -CGAC-, we propose a series of architecture workshops aimed at children. The aim is to provide children with the keys necessary to interpret contemporary architecture through the legacy of the most relevant figures of our time in this field.

The architects David Antuña and Víctor González and the artist Rebeca Mariño introduce the participants in the exciting world of contemporary architecture. Each workshop is dedicated to a representative of different generations of architects from the avant-garde to the present and is developed according to the philosophy of each creator.

The game is fundamental during all sessions. The Lupo System didactics is used both in terms of material and content. It is an experimental didactic that encourages individual reflection and creativity as well as teamwork through large-scale construction dynamics.

The methodology includes a theoretical part, where one approaches to the figure and to the thought of each architect, and later a series of constructive challenges are posed.