Luis Seoane Foundation

Directs by
Fermín Blanco [Mr. Lupo]

Organized by
Sistema Lupo

Sistema Lupo

Photo and video
Sistema Lupo


Due to the situation in which we find ourselves today, the architecture workshops that we have been carrying out for 8 years with artistic and cultural, educational or other centers have had to transform into a format through which we can work from our own houses. Thanks to the use of online conversation platforms, students, families, the Lupo System team and interested people, we connect every week in which we will learn, work and experience architecture from different branches.

It is an activity developed to promote such important aspects in the educational world as imagination and creativity, the ability to work manual dexterity, as well as geometric figures through the structures of nature.

The activity, normally carried out in phases, begins with a theoretical introduction in which you are invited to learn about the topic, a conversation phase between all, where doubts, suggestions and occurrences are excellent guests. At the end of this knowledge phase, the challenge will be presented according to what has been learned.

The second part includes a construction phase, small models with our ideas. It’s about shaping ideas using simple, easy-to-find materials at home. This phase can be prolonged as much as we want since there is never a single solution.

The last phase would involve working on a large scale, trying to bring that model to a large construction. In this phase it would be ideal for the whole family to be involved and through teamwork to carry out the Great Construction.