Lupo at school educational project

Lupo at school educational project

Lupo System

Fermín Blanco

Lupo System

Lupo System

Fermín G. Blanco (architect and educator)
María Bescansa Bastarreche (architect)
Víctor G. Echave (architect)
Alba Pérez Fernández (architect)
Leticia Zapata Medina (architect and educator)
Ignacio Bescansa Bastarreche (architect)

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¿What is Lupo at school?
Lupo en el Cole is an educational project of Sistema Lupo, which, based on architecture. We offer the possibility of conducting an architecture workshops in schools. Through these activities, through a practical methodology and cooperative work, students will have the opportunity to build and build various geometric structures and figures, learning and experimenting with essential concepts of science, art, nature … concepts that many times are not easy to transmit in the classroom, given its eminently theoretical and abstract character. This educational resource developed from architecture, will help to understand in an easy and entertaining way from the initial concepts of mathematics to the most complex natural structures, at the same time that it deepens the social and artistic abilities of students.

The workshops have a marked interdisciplinary nature, being suitable for CHILDREN and PRIMARY to work transversally in all areas, especially in Mathematics, Nature Sciences and Artistic Education, as it develops various contents included in the curriculum (processes of problem solving, cooperative learning structures, work based on experience, project work; interpretation and critical analysis; promotion of curiosity for research, approach to scientific method, interpretation, understanding, explanation and expression of reality…)

In the same way, for the second cycle of PRIMARY, SECONDARY and BACHELOR, the combination with the proposal of PALITROQUES for the subjects of Mathematics, Technology, Technical Drawing, Plastic Education, Fundamentals of Art and Design is recommended, due to the curricular contents that works (construction of structures with volume; elaboration of three-dimensional objects with different materials; construction of structures and transformation of spaces using metric and perspective notions; use of geometric vocabulary; interpretation of spatial representations; respect for norms and the distribution of tasks established in the group; establishment of orders and guidelines to be followed; application of geometry to architectural design; representation of regular polyhedra; right triangles. Pythagorean theorem. Geometric justification and applications; representation of prisms and pyramids; structures: elements, types and functions; com position in three-dimensional creations; teamwork for the production of three-dimensional works …)

In addition, for any of the educational stages, the workshop contributes to the acquisition of some of the key competences, primarily the competence in mathematics, science and technology, but also the competence to learn to learn and the social and civic competence. In the same way, being an educational resource according to the criteria of bioconstruction, the activity includes contents related to sustainable development and the environment.

The precise activity of a wide space for its realization (patio, gym, pavilion, porch, lobby …) and lasts between 90 and 120 minutes, which includes a small more theoretical introduction about generic aspects of architecture. The number of participating students can range between 10 and 30 people. All activity will be carried out by Lupo System team, with extensive experience in conducting workshops with children and adults.