ESKOOLA is an educational proposal of Sistema Lupo carried out in collaboration with different teams and Navarran institutions, to create a series of educational projects based on architecture as the central axis, these projects are basically encompassed in two aspects, on the one hand the collaboration and transformation schools and, on the other, the game with architecture through a series of educational workshops based on the Navarran community.

As a transformative project, it aims to support teaching and schools through architecture and other disciplines. The transformation is based on the reflection of the working group with the direct participation of the school community in which the project is carried out. In addition, Eskoola is a process that tries to use the resources of the area and has the philosophy of
circular economy.

The project is currently being developed in collaboration with the Sakanako Herri Eskolak school network, the Sakana development agency, Dinabide; as well as town halls, students, cloisters and AMPA’s of the different centers.

ESKOOLA will have a presence in different parts of the province through museums, cultural centers and educational centers, trying to nourish itself with the specific contents of each center and generating dynamics of knowledge transfer from research teams to society. Play and teamwork are the methodological basis of the project. Based on block games, theory and practice go hand in hand in sessions that are both didactic and fun. The objective is to deepen the knowledge of the immediate environment through the study of our history and our built heritage.


It is a comprehensive and inclusive educational project, in which the entire community that belongs to and surrounds the educational center, works on the study of the spaces that we use daily to detect their needs and, between all, propose and carry out the necessary transformations.

The participation and collaboration will be fundamental so that both the work in the classroom with the mediating object and the joint elaboration of an analysis and project, result in the adaptation of the school spaces and even the transformation of public spaces in its environment.

Let’s conquer our space!

Through the building game with blocks and with the collaboration of different museums, cultural centers and expert advisors, we will learn about architecture and engineering in Navarra, from the most remote to the closest.

Both by demand of schools, as in the offers of museums for schools and the general public, in sessions or in small cycles, we will count, see and build great works of both architecture and nature, to discover all its secrets and those of those who created them.



Fermín G. Blanco

Consultive Team
Ainara Martín Busto
Lierni Galarraga Lekuona
Josune Irastorza
Saioa Alegría
Berta de Pablo Górriz
Aintzane Iriberri

Arbizuko Herri Eskola
Sakanako Herri Eskolak
Agencia Dinabide

Sistema Lupo Team
Alba Pérez Fernández
Elsa Noriega Fernández
Ignacio Bescansa Bastarreche
Leticia Zapata Medina
Luis Miguel Fernández López
María Bescansa Bastarreche
Patricia González Pérez
Víctor González Echave

Grafic Design
Alba Pérez Fernández

Sistema Lupo
Roi Alonso
Photos provided by schools