+ alto + lejos (higher & further)

Fermín González Blanco

David Fernández Antuña
María Bescansa
Borja Díaz
Luis Miguel Fernández
Berta Pérez
José Rebollo
Carolina Queipo

Academic Support
Manuel F. Herrador
Diego Carro López
Sindy Seara Paz
Fernando Martínez Abella

Didactic team MUNCYT

Graphic Design
Borja Díaz Carro


Educational project aimed at children and families in collaboration with the MUNCYT Museum.

It is a didactic designed by Sistema Lupo and developed by the MUNCYT didactic team, and is a practical activity involving action and play using large building blocks.

The challenges generate a didactic unit based on the foundations of the structures. Both from a historical and current point of view, seeing the evolution of construction and assembly techniques throughout history. A mixture of didactic and playful contents is established that will allow participants to approach the world of structures from an empirical and experimental point of view.

The first experience linked to this project was carried out during the month of June 2017 as a complement to the activities to be carried out related to the ACHE Congress at the MUNCYT venue in A Coruña.