Lupo is an educational system that uses architecture as a key cross-discipline to interpret the reality around us and introduce knowledge from many fields and disciplines such as urban planning, drawing, art, geometry, history, mathematics or scientific thought.

The practical application of the system results in active workshops where a theoretical part gives way to a Lupo challenge, a practical complement where participants work in groups to solve the proposed challenge.

We believe in the Pestalozzian ideal about work on a blackboard, delete to move forward without giving due importance to what was done. For this reason the end of a workshop is always the same, the packed box waiting for a new workshop. This final image speaks of our confidence in the process, breaking the preconceived idea of ​​”work of art” as a goal.

Collaborative work denies the individual ownership of the work done, the challenge is reached among all and all partake of their success (or failure, if structure collapses).

The individual work is collected in the work notebooks where information about the project can be found in sketches, texts or images. The workshops use multiple strategies and tools, from traditional manual skills to digital software applications system adapted to lupo challanges.

Some workshops are about topics that respond to specific requests, other more generic that serve as conductor to show important issues. This experience makes our dossier grow indefinitely and allows us to test its operation through its implementation.

In the examples you will see workshops for children, families, adults, special education and workshops integrated in schools, universities, museums, cultural centers… All of them are carried out in collaboration with specialists from different branches. Through that the lupo project continues to grow and hopes to continue to do so with your help.

You can find information about the workshops [here]


Metodología de un taller Lupo

We will use the workshop “Lupo Vespa” as an example of the methodological process used in Sistema Lupo. Not all activities are the same and therefore not in all workshops the different phases are visualized in the same way. In one form or another, Lupo System is organized around the following phases:


LUPO VESPA workshop
In this intervention has been decided as an issue of work an iconic piece of international design: “the vespa”.
It is a product created between two creators as a merge of a priori independent ideas, the world of rail transport and the first prototypes of helicopter to obtain a revolutionary moped in form and function that would end up being a symbol of freedom, youth and modernity.


Theoretical accompaniment of the activity. Iconic object that is treated in social, feminist and also technical code.


Collaborative workshop in which, based on previous theoretical knowledge, the creation of prototypes for urban mobility is proposed.


The example obtained through the workshop is the FLASH-GAVIOTA, an amphibious vehicle (land, sea and air).