Project Eirón

eirON is a participatory project that explores the possibilities of obtaining a large scale playing field.

The name is a reference to the term eira, not only as a workspace, but also as a form of intervention in it. The urban playground prototype is materialized in collaboration with children, families, team members and the experiences in similar projects to generate an original social project.


Como construir un hórreo

Cómo construir un hórreo

Video summary of a workshop to build a traditional Asturian granary with Lupo System. Starting from theoretical concepts and knowledge of the material used, in this case Superlupo, the participants will discover how it is built and what are the parts of this construction so typical of the traditional architecture of Asturias.

Construyendo en el Aula de Educación Infantil

Construyendo en el Aula de Educación Infantil.

Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo
Curso de Verano 2017: Juegos y Espacios como Instrumentos Educativos
A Coruña. Del 10 al 14 de Julio en la Fundación Luis Seoane

Presentation in the final of the IV Proyecta Innovación contest

David and Gemma presented the project Lupo en el Cole in the final final of the IV Proyecta Innovación Contest.

The Project Innovation Contest is a joint educational initiative of the Fundación Amancio Ortega and the Santiago Rey Fernández-Latorre Foundation, which responds to the committed work of both institutions with the promotion of innovation in education and Improving the quality of teaching.

The objective is to promote educational experiences that combine learning, creation and technology.

Repensando a Escola in A Revista da TVG

The 2nd of March 2016, the TV show A Revista da Televisión de Galicia visits the CEIP Ortigueira to know more about the project Repensando a Escola.

Full Clip: crtvg.es/tvg/a-carta/a-revista-1860610