Selected Arquia próxima 2012
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Fundación Luis Seoane
Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Galicia.
(Delegación de Coruña)

Sistema Lupo

Patricia Amil
David Antuña
Loli Diego
Mar Lista

Sistema Lupo

Description & Pictures
Since 2010 Sistema Lupo develops, in collaboration with the College of Architects of Galicia (delegation of A Coruña) and Fundacion Luis Seoane, an annual course for children to approach the architecture .

Linked to the figure and thought of artist Luis Seoane, characterized by a speech in favor of integration of the arts, teaching is thus permeable to any artistic or creative expression and sometimes takes advantage of the museum exhibitions and visiting guest artists. During these years the workshop (which takes place every Saturday in sessions of two hours) has evolved and today we have two simultaneous programs widely accepted.

Aimed at children aged 6-9 years is organized into lessons that evolve in difficulty throughout the course.

We work with Lupo materials at different scales and materials and children generate a notebook where daily work is collected. Teamwork is an essential part of the workshop through Lupo challenges that close each session.

In these workshops general topics such as scale, materials, proportions, color, composition, not only applicable to architecture, but also to art or design, are discussed.

Another series of workshops bring together art and architecture from different ages and backgrounds and try to interconnect artistic expression with its social, environmental or historical conditions.

All this to try to generate in the child an optimal climate for the development of their capabilities. In a highly entertaining environment and out of school education we foster a cross teaching where everyone brings their knowledge and experiences to critically interpret the themes proposed.

Aimed at children aged 10-12 years emerged as a requirement of children who completed their passage through Nenoarquitectura and want to maintain their presence in the workshops. It is therefore an “order” of the children themselves that after a full year they dominate the issues and challenges proposed and therefore demand a higher degree of difficulty.

This block has introduced the design world even harder giving more freedom to the child in the design process and project, even providing them with the tools to create new Lupo challenges.

The use of specific software is introduced through VIRTUAL LUPO so we can include more activities related to 3D vision. The use of virtual techniques such as Augmented Reality tries to keep the connection between the virtual world and the real through challenges that project with virtual tools and built with natural joins.

The project name comes from the thesis of architect David Antunes, a regular contributor to Lupo System and monitor in these workshops who designed this teaching module for of primary school and for us it means closing an educational transfer of knowledge cycle between universities and society.

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