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Zamora, 2010
Plan PAHIS 2004-2012
Patrimonio Histórico de Castilla y León

Didactic project
Sistema Lupo + Zamora Románica

Fundación Rey Alfonso Henriques
Zamora Romá
CRIE Zamora

Equipo de Zamora Románica
Sergio Pérez. Historiador
Marco A Martín. Arquitecto
Marisa Silva. Arquitecta Técnica

Description & Pictures

Within the PAHIS plan for dissemination of historical heritage of Castilla y León, and in collaboration with Romanesque Zamora we have developed these educational activities on the Romanesque Art in the premises of the Rey Alfonso Henriquez Foundation.

The sessions included during the year also lengthened during summers through exchanges with the school “Lander Road” of the English town of Sefton, and as many students and 3 teachers from the school La Candelaria de Zamora. The workshop is part of Comenius exchange program, developed by the CRIE (Centro Rural Educational Innovation) of Zamora.

In all cases the teaching focuses on the Romanesque construction, mason marks, building walls and the highlight activity: the construction of the Romanesque facade of the church of Santiago del Burgo whose realization can be seen in the pictures and video.

To know and understand the traditional construction methods and systems used in Romanesque art.
Understand the phases of the construction process of a Romanesque church.
Meet trades related to the Romanesque construction and the survival of some of them today.
Become familiar with concepts and terminology of this architectural style.
Promote respect and understanding of heritage

Students from 5th and 6th EP. (10-12 years)
19 schools in the Province of Zamora
473 students + 30 responsible