2 en 1

CGAC (Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo) + Museo do Pobo Galego.

Santiago de Compostela

Didactic project
sistema lupo

Coordinación CGAC
Gema Baños
Coordinación Museo Pobo
Ana Estevez

Ines Salvado Gontad



Description & Pictures
2 in 1 is a children’s workshop held between two symbolic museums of Galicia, the CGAC (Centre for Contemporary Art) and the Galician People Museum. Two museums that share history and space in the city of Santiago but whose architectural features allow us to make a real journey in history.

We propose a laboratory of ideas and games working for four days in the spaces, gardens, patios and facades of both buildings.

We research trying to uncover the secrets of each building and dove in its history, different lives even proposing new uses through a project full of surprises.

Arises in parallel interaction between the children and users of both museums through the construction of small objects that act as containers in which visitors deposite ideas or thoughts. The construction of objects, the location for the installation and the messages contained in each one of them are elements of reflection at the final session of the workshop.


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