Tribute to José Gómez del Collado – Pilpayu

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On November 10, the schoolchildren of Cangas del Narcea immersed themselves in the architecture of José Gómez del Collado thanks to the initiative of Sistema Lupo in collaboration with the Ilmo. Ayuntamiento de Cangas del Narcea and the architect José Ramón Puerto.

José Gómez del Collado was one of the great Asturian architects of the 20th century, developing most of his work in the Canguese town, although you can find his buildings in Pola de Allande, Tineo or Navia, among other places in our region.

Coinciding with the anniversary of his birth and one year after his work has been admitted to the Iberian DOCOMOMO Register of Architecture, students from four schools in Cangas will be able to discover his figure and architecture.

Sistema Lupo has prepared a didactics based on the maxim:
“They told me and I forgot, I saw and understood, I did and learned.”

After a visit by the schoolchildren to Pepe Gómez’s main works in Cangas, the children stepped into the architect’s shoes and built their own version of the buildings. José Ramón Puerto, architect and Doctor of History with a thesis on Gómez del Collado, accompanied the students on their journey to discover the secrets and why the buildings they see every day.

Sistema Lupo in Conexión Finsa in Santiago

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Sistema Lupo in O Papagaio

Starting this month Sistema Lupo collaborates with O Papagaio, the children’s newspaper that every month will be in the galician schools with a challenge. In this issue we just introduce ourselves, download the pieces of the lupoweb and start!

[link] to see the newspaper

[link] to build the Lupo pieces with paper
[link] to know all the Lupo resources

Soon new news on this collaboration between Sistema Lupo and O Papagaio …

Chronicle of a family trip to Ludic Architecture

We leave here a small story of a family trip to Ludic Architecture.

We want once again to thank all those who have made it possible.

Gracias, thanks, obrigado!

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We also leave you here the information about the book with articles of the participants in Ludic Architecture 2017. It is organized in three chapters: objects, spaces and experiences.

Coordinated by Marco Ginoulhiac, it contains articles by Ana Neiva, Biagio Di Carlo, Brenda Vale, Carlos Prata, Diogo Aguiar, Elvira Leite, Fermín Blanco, Franco la Cecla, Gabriela Burkhalter, Gilles Brougère, José Lus González Fernández, Juan Bordes, Marco Ginoulhiac , Robert Vale, Rodrigo Coelho, Santiago Atrio Cerezo and Virgínio Moutinho.

You can order it at the AEFAUP bookstore by mail at

[+ info]

Summer course of UIMP Galicia

This summer we have shared experiences with teachers of children and comrades coming from all over the peninsula within the training course of teachers of Early Childhood Education of UIMP Galicia “Game and spaces as educational tools”.

A week full of encounters, laughter, play and lots of energy. The summer course of UIMP Galicia has revealed the importance of bringing together faculty and teams of architects working on the educational progress.

We have some photos of the theoretical-practical class with a visit to #Eiron, old city of Coruña, #lupohouse and the recreation of the #sardiña of Anton Lezcano that was the final activity of the course “Beyond the Limit”.

We are looking forward to repeat it, a kiss to all !!!!

* Pictures by Almuena de Benito & La mujer forzuda.

Playlist with the lectures

– Santiago Atrio Cerezo. De Fröbel a la Bauhaus
– Clara Eslava Cabanellas. Territorios de la Infancia
– Paz González Torre. ¿Dónde ponemos la silla de Bruno? Diseñar el aula entre todos y para todos
– María Rodríguez Moneo. La configuración del espacio de juego y la motivación por aprender
– Carlos Arruti Echeverria & Anabel Varona Martínez (Maushaus). La batalla de los huesos. Territorios del aula
– Sonia Rayos Sarabia & Silvana Andrés Salvador (Arquilecturas). El Espacio como Recurso Educativo
– Almudena de Benito (Chiquitectos). Aula como Espacio de Aprendizaje
– Fermín González Blanco (Sistema Lupo). Construyendo en el Aula de Educación Infantil
– Jorge Raedó Álvarez (Osa Menor). Educación de arte para la infancia: proyectos en España, Finlandia y Colombia
– Pablo Amor Méndez & Cristina Llorente Roca (Arquitectives). Experiencias de Talleres y Urbanismo Participativo para la Infancia en las Islas Baleares
– Javier Abad & Ángeles Ruíz de Velasco. Contextos de simbolización e identidad lúdica: la propuesta de las instalaciones en Educación Infantil
– Xose Manuel Rosales Noves (Proyecto Terra). Sabela e as zocas máxicas
– Santiago Atrio Cerezo. Diseño y Gestión de Espacios y Materiales Educativos: Educación y Arquitectura

[pdf] of the complete programme

External Analysis of Rethinking the School

Recently the good practices of our activity Repensando a Escola have been analyzed by the professor / doctoral Jorge Conde Miguélez in his work for the Master in Research in Education, Cultural Diversity and Community Development of the University of Santiago de Compostela.

The conclusions have been that the project fulfills to a high degree the criteria of good practices in education from the community perspective. They have been analyzed from the point of view of innovation, sustainability, effectiveness, sustainability, replicability, ethics or the capacity to generate empowerment and networking.

[Link] to see the document in pdf.

Article in magazine “Revista de Educación para la Justicia Social”

Proud of our participation in this issue of the Revista de Educación para la Justicia Social. A magazine from the Universidad Autónom. A monographic number dedicated to Education and Architecture. Extensive bibliography for those who are interested in the subject, we get to read now!

[Link] to view and download the entire issue of the magazine.

[Link] to view and download Fermín Blanco article on Lupo System.

Finalists of the Competition Projects Innovation

The project Lupo at the School continues to bring joy. Congratulations to David Rodríguez Antuña and the educational community of Ceip Ramón Otero Pedrayo for getting into the final of the IV Contest Proyecta Innovación. The architecture and the blocks united in a project that supports mathematics and music. Congratulations also to all finalist centers.

We Need Innovative Professionals!

The Project Innovation Contest is a joint educational initiative of the Fundación Amancio Ortega and the Santiago Rey Fernández-Latorre Foundation, which responds to the committed work of both institutions with the promotion of innovation in education and Improving the quality of teaching.

The objective is to promote educational experiences that combine learning, creation and technology.

[+ info about the contest]

In this [link] you can watch the information submitted to the contest.

Lupo in the School – CEIP Ramón Otero Pedrayo

These images are a small summary of the first trimester in the LUPO system architecture workshop that is being carried out in school during school hours for all elementary students.

LUPO is an educational tool that cooperatively develops logical and creative thinking with different challenges and levels of difficulty. It is based on learning playful.
Starting from architecture and the traditional game of building blocks, mathematics, drawing, physics, art, history or design extend its didactics transversally and it aims to develop creative and social skills through group dynamics due to the size and characteristics of the proposed challenges.


30 April – 1 May 2016

Workshop held at the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo -CGAC- within the cycle MIES é + dedicated to authors representative of contemporary architecture.

In this workshop we know the relationship that Frei Otto had with the forms of nature and how he was based on the observation of this to deepen the design of structures.