External Analysis of Rethinking the School

Recently the good practices of our activity Repensando a Escola have been analyzed by the professor / doctoral Jorge Conde Miguélez in his work for the Master in Research in Education, Cultural Diversity and Community Development of the University of Santiago de Compostela.

The conclusions have been that the project fulfills to a high degree the criteria of good practices in education from the community perspective. They have been analyzed from the point of view of innovation, sustainability, effectiveness, sustainability, replicability, ethics or the capacity to generate empowerment and networking.

[Link] to see the document in pdf.

Article in magazine “Revista de Educación para la Justicia Social”

Proud of our participation in this issue of the Revista de Educación para la Justicia Social. A magazine from the Universidad Autónom. A monographic number dedicated to Education and Architecture. Extensive bibliography for those who are interested in the subject, we get to read now!

[Link] to view and download the entire issue of the magazine.

[Link] to view and download Fermín Blanco article on Lupo System.

Finalists of the Competition Projects Innovation

The project Lupo at the School continues to bring joy. Congratulations to David Rodríguez Antuña and the educational community of Ceip Ramón Otero Pedrayo for getting into the final of the IV Contest Proyecta Innovación. The architecture and the blocks united in a project that supports mathematics and music. Congratulations also to all finalist centers.

We Need Innovative Professionals!

The Project Innovation Contest is a joint educational initiative of the Fundación Amancio Ortega and the Santiago Rey Fernández-Latorre Foundation, which responds to the committed work of both institutions with the promotion of innovation in education and Improving the quality of teaching.

The objective is to promote educational experiences that combine learning, creation and technology.

[+ info about the contest]

In this [link] you can watch the information submitted to the contest.

Lupo in the School – CEIP Ramón Otero Pedrayo

These images are a small summary of the first trimester in the LUPO system architecture workshop that is being carried out in school during school hours for all elementary students.

LUPO is an educational tool that cooperatively develops logical and creative thinking with different challenges and levels of difficulty. It is based on learning playful.
Starting from architecture and the traditional game of building blocks, mathematics, drawing, physics, art, history or design extend its didactics transversally and it aims to develop creative and social skills through group dynamics due to the size and characteristics of the proposed challenges.


30 April – 1 May 2016

Workshop held at the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo -CGAC- within the cycle MIES é + dedicated to authors representative of contemporary architecture.

In this workshop we know the relationship that Frei Otto had with the forms of nature and how he was based on the observation of this to deepen the design of structures.


2-3 Abril de 2016

Workshop held at the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo -CGAC- within the cycle MIES é + dedicated to authors representative of contemporary architecture.

In this case this workshop is centered on the Danish architect Jorn Utzon where we enter the universe imagined by him. The participants got to know some of their most well-known buildings and furniture.

With the help of the SuperLupo, we are also practically approaching his work, constructing buildings inspired by the famous Sydney Opera House and UTSEP furniture.


27-28 February 2016

Workshop held at the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporáneo -CGAC- within the cycle MIES é + dedicated to authors representative of contemporary architecture.

In this case this workshop is centered on the Swiss architect Le Corbusier, one of the greats in the history of architecture and whose work is still reflected in the current projects.

The participants have been able to know the famous 5 points for a new architecture and many other writings and ideas that Le Corbusier raised in his time.

After this more theoretical part, during this workshop we used the SuperLupo to approach the architecture of Le Corbusier in a practical way. For this, we built some of their villas, the Unité d´Habitation or even new own designs based on their theories.


28-29 May 2016

Workshop held at the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea -CGAC- within the MIES cycle is + dedicated to authors representing contemporary architecture.

This was the fourth and last workshop of the first edition of MIES e + and we introduce ourselves in the exciting world of senses that is the architecture of Kazuyo Sejima and the study SANAA that forms next to Ryue Nikishawa.

Taking advantage of the fact that we have a unique architect who comes from a different culture, we take a tour of the traditional xaponesa architecture that will help us to understand some keys of their designs.

Re-thinking the school – The new toilet

In the third year we propose the construction of a new toilet for children. It is proposed as a project where children gives shape to one of the spaces they use daily.

The works come with surprises and the first was to find, during the demolition, clues of our industrial history in the bricks. Thanks to Miguel Díaz Rodríguez and Alberto Alonso Oro we know more about Ceramics to Caeyra, Founded by the Marquis of Riestra and suppliers of the material with which the school was built.

These bricks were reused to build the new façade, where the boys and girls design the new appliances that will define it.

The interior space is defined with curious elements and related to its future users like the exit slide that can be converted into a table in the classroom.

Education and learning are also present in the Color Lab designed to learn many things about how pigment blends work.

Re-thinking the School – The room by the trees

“Architectures Vivas” is another activity that complements and draws on the possibilities offered by the school offer. In this case it is a proposal for the program “Voz Natura”, a program of the newspaper “La Voz de Galicia” to involve the school community of Galicia in the recovery and protection of nature through annual programs developed in the centers.

In this case the creation of a shelter or nature classroom in the yard, particularly in the area most densely populated by trees of different size, one of which was dried and should be cut. It seems a good time to pay homage.

The protagonist geometric of the project is proposed; the “ear”, a polycentric figure based on three circumferences of different radius. In fact we will use the cut tree as the center of one of the circles of the ear to draw the trace of our construction.

The project will also allow us to work in collaboration with an artisan-biologist specialist in this field: Idoia Cuesta, who excelled in the field of design through the use of techniques related to traditional basketry. His work is defined as contemporary basketry and will be a cornerstone of this activity. Working with Idoia allows us to make a complete tour through the material and technical, to finish weaving our own architecture.

The technique of living structures also requires careful pruning care and subsequent replanting of wicker so that we will be sensitive to the time of year and soil moisture. It is also a way to experience the space of the new volumes proposed, the ear operation starts on the right foot!!