Arquitectura Escultórica

Collaborative activity within the program Arte y Cultura para todos.

Valladolid, 21.09.2014

Didactic project
Sistema Lupo

Museo Nacional de Escultura.

MUDA arquitectura
Arquitectura Minúscula

Archs pictures
Juan Carlos Quindós

Description & Pictures
It is an integration workshop held in collaboration with PREDIF. It is aimed at all audiences, and it is developed around the MUSEUM STREET 2014 program within the Art and Culture program for everyone. The program, coordinated by MUDA Architecture in collaboration with the National Museum of Sculpture, aims to visualize the content and activities of the museum through urban actions open for public participation.

The workshop takes place in one morning, and aims to bring participants to the world of architecture, sculpture and their relationships. A specific didactics, that can be used by the museum’s education team in the future, are developed.

The event takes place at the Museum of Sculpture. The building, the former College of San Gregorio, where this museum is held, has a large variety of arches, some architectural and other sculptural from the Elizabethan era.

After a tour of the building we focus on the construction of the challenges. In this case through family workshops involving people of different ages and with different capacities within the logic of integration that moves the project.


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