A Coruña e o seu mar_Tecendo o Litoral

August 2018-April 2019

A Coruña City Council

Fermín G. Blanco

Pepe Diego
Luis Miguel Fernández
Alba Pérez
David Antuña
Leticia Zapata
Hilda González-Cebrián
Víctor García

Nenoarquitectura Members 2018/2019

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The purpose of this contest was to generate ideas and encourage public and citizen debate on the lands of the port of A Coruña, which, from the shelter dock to the Oza dock, and once all that information has been obtained, to generate a future master plan based on citizen consensus and technical coordination of land management.

It was a contest in which the winning projects, were selected by a jury and voted by the citizens, in this way, they have been used to generate and discuss plural and diverse ideas that cause a multiplier effect when rethinking the port lands.


Our proposal of the maritime edge, was made with a multidisciplinary group of architects and educators, from the vision of children, with whom we share workshops of an architectural nature. In this current society, we tend to underestimate two sectors of which we will be part of our life, the elderly and childhood, the experience and the future.

We try to convey the city that children think, the future of all of us, we want to be speakers for the least listened to in society … Thus, we realized things that would make us reflect on the whole society.

Once the various analyzes of the city were done, and writing down all the ideas that emerged from the various gatherings we made, it was time to take it to the plane. A model of representation of the city was developed, on a scale of 1: 1000. The construction of the model itself was the best analysis we could make of the city, the main communication routes, the most representative public spaces, the location of the most important buildings and the relationships between them were identified. As results we have to highlight the importance that is given to leisure and play, we understand that giving up the city’s space for this activity is very healthy for the soul of the city, a happy city, it is a city that works, where progress is made as a person and citizen. “A city with childhood is a safe space” Francesco Tonucci. The entire project weaves the city completely not only a small area, as well as the exciting proposals that surprised us all.